A selection of non-academic publications Niels contributed to or that covered his research:

Wat levert de 5G veiling eigenlijk op voor de samenleving?
Blogpost with waag.org, June 2024

Internet shutdowns
Radio interview at Dutch public national broadcaster Radio 1, April 2023

Internetinfrastructuur: standaardisatie, techniek en geopolitiek
Report for the Telecommunication Authority of the Dutch National Government

Towards the Multistakeholder Imposition of Internet Sanctions
Blog and Joint Statement in Tech Policy Press

Ukraine invasion: We should consider internet sanctions, says ICANN ex-CEO
Mention in The Register

Welke knop doet Rusland van het internet verdwijnen?
Quote and reference to Join Statement in NRC

Ukraine invasion brings Internet governance neutrality question into focus
Extended quotes in an article in Data Center Dynamics

What is Web3 and how will it change the way we use the internet?
Extended quotes in an article in the New Scientist

Email is an awful online ID that we use for almost everything.
Extended quote in an article in Vox’ RECODE

Human Rights Are Not A Bug: Upgrading Governance for an Equitable Internet
Report about the governance of the Internet infrastructure – funded by the Ford Foundation

Internet als machtsmiddel
Interview in De Lichtkogel

Who owns the internet?
Extended quotes in an article in The Face magazine

What really went down when the internet went down
Extended quotes in article in Wired

Interview with NWO-MVI (the Dutch Research Council – Platform for Responsible Innovation)

‘Master,’ ‘Slave’ and the Fight Over Offensive Terms in Computing
Research and publication mentioned in the New York Times

Het fundament van het Internet waar niemand omheen kan en weinigen iets vanaf weten
Interview Internet Society Netherlands

How Infrastructure Shapes Our Society
Hoe infrastructuur onze samenleving vormt
Interview in Elektor Magazine

Help, het internet breekt in tweeën
Extended quote in an article in NRC

La Chine exacerbe la bataille pour le contrôle d’internet
Extended quote in an article in Le Temps 

Inside China’s controversial mission to reinvent the internet
Extended quote in an article in the Financial Times

Please Hum Now: Decision Making at the IETF
A lemma for Hack_Curio: the encyclopedia for hacker culture

Private equity firm procures .org from the Internet Society, or: How the public interest got sold-out (again)
A blogpost for OpenDemocracy.net on the sale of the .org domain by the Internet Society

Funding Matters
A project to express concern about the funding efforts by surveillance capitalist organizations of academic research and events

Human Rights Impact Assessments for Internet Infrastructure
A model for Human Rights Impact Assessment for Internet Infrastructure

Media Development in the Digital Age: Five Ways to Engage in Internet Governance
Introduction to Internet Governance

Integrated security during protests

Net of Rights
A film that unpacks the role values and impact of Internet protocols according to the engineers in the Internet Engineering Taskforce

Visualizing ICANN’s impact on human rights
Data visualization of ICANN’s processes and their relations to human rights