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Niels ten Oever



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Improving freedom of expression, access to information and political organizing using free and open technology and collaborative knowledge production

Working Experience

Article 19

Head of Digital

January 2014 - Now

  • Co-chairing Cross Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANNs Accountability Workstream Two Human Rights Subgroup

  • Co-chairing Research Group on Human Rights Protocol Considerations in the Internet Research Taskforce (IRTF)

  • Chairing Cross Community Working Party on ICANNs Corporate and Social Resposibility to Respect Human Rights

  • Implementing censorship measurement project

  • Defining and implementing a global digital strategy for Article19

  • Representing Article19 and heading its contributions to NETmundial, Internet Governance Forum, ICANN, IETF and the ITU

  • Participant in Cross Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN's Accountability Worksteam One

  • Fundraising and designing digital security upgrade and free software migration for Article19 Brazil and Mexico office

  • Fundraising and implementing World Cup surveillance project with Article19 Brazil office, and censorship measurement project with Bangladesh, Kenya and Tunisia office

  • Developing first iteration of Internet Legislation Atlas

  • Co-authoring A19 Response to UN Special Rapporteur’s Call for Comments on Encryption and Anonymity Online

  • Co-authorting two Internet Governance papers on ICANN Accountability and Transparency

  • Representing Article19 in the Web We Want advisory board and the ICANN Non-Commercial User Constituency

University of Amsterdam

PhD Candidate

October 2015 – Now

  • Research on the relation between the action repertoires of digital civil society and their relation to Internet imaginaries.

  • Using quantitative and qualitative methods

Internet Protection Lab


November 2012 –

October 2013

  • Establishing a network organization with eight relevant actors in the 'IT for Human Rights and Development' field

  • Managing the implementation of an anonymous leaking platform for 30 Dutch media outlets

  • Organizing integrated security trainings in digital, physical and psychosocial security in Ethiopia, Bahrain and Russia

  • Developing a crowd contribution platform for software supporting the free, open and unfiltered web

Free Press Unlimited

Programme Coordinator MENA & ICT

February 2011 -

October 2013

  • Managing the development of the Storymaker app for Android

  • Overseeing the implementation of the app and training of 600 journalist and citizen reporters in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Iraq. With spin offs in Zimbabwe and Libya

  • Envisaging the app, writing the proposal, raising the necessary funds for a five year project

Press Now / Free Press Unlimited

Programme Coordinator Horn of Africa

May 2009 -

February 2012

  • Developing strategy for the Horn of Africa for Free Press Unlimited

  • Establishing Somalia office and network of 15 Somali media outlets

  • Managing and implementing freedom of expression projects in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia

  • Training professional and citizen journalists in Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea and Afghanistan and Egypt in journalism and digital security

  • Migrating Free Press Unlimited from a Windows environment to a Linux environment with improved digital security features

Mediaction Foundation


May 2007 -

April 2009

  • Establishing Ethiopia's first community radio station in Jimma

  • Designing community radio guides in Amharic, Afaan Oromo and English

  • Developing a localized Linux envrionment for community radio stations in Ethiopia

  • Training the journalism staff, board of directors, volunteers and technician of the radio station


2004 - 2006

2002 - 2004

2001 - 2002

  • Research MA Philosophy – University of Amsterdam (cum laude)

  • BA Philosophy – University of Amsterdam, Humbolt University Berlin (with a minor in literary sciences)

  • Diploma in journalism – Hogeschool Windesheim in Zwolle






  • Quantitative Research Methods – University of Amsterdam

  • Hostile Environment Safety Training (including First Aid) – Centre for Safety and Development

  • Post doctoral course International Relations – Clingendael Diplomatic Institute

  • Horn of Africa Course – Rift Valley Institute

Courses taught


2007 - 2013

2012 - 2013

2011 - 2013

2007 - 2011

  • Digital Methods Winter School – University of Amsterdam

  • Introduction to journalism - Egypt, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Somalia, Morocco, Iraq, Afghanistan

  • Introduction to Digital Security for Human Right Defenders and Journalists – Ethiopia, Netherlands, Somalia,

  • Mobile Content Production & Digital security - Egypt, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Somalia, Morocco, Iraq

  • Radio journalism - Ethiopia, Somalia, Afghanistan

Software & Hardware












2012 - 2013



  • Internet Architecture & Human Rights: ICANN & IETF – CPDP

  • Implementing Core Principles in the Digital Age – IGF2015

  • Human Rights on the Internet – IGF2015

  • Zero-rating and net neutrality policies in developing countries – IGF 2015

  • Best practices in Digital Security - 3TU

  • Supporting Freedom of Expression Globally - Utrecht University College

  • Citizen journalism secured: Storymaker - Freedom Online Tunis

  • Storymaker: Open source mobile reporting in MENA - approaches, challenges and first findings – OHM2013







    Native language

    Fluent in speaking and writing

    Fluent in speaking, proficient in reading and writing

    Basic skills, currently learning

    Basic skills

IT Skills

    Linux, Bash, Python, Java, SugarCRM, CiviCRM, MySQL, Wordpress, Drupal, Penetration Testing, Digital Security, Android development, networking (TCP/IP), Wireless Mesh

Board and Committees

Internet Society NL

Schijnheilig Cultural Space

On Our Radar

    Board member November 2015 - now

    Founding member July 2004 - now

Advisor September 2014 – now

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