Niels is a PhD candidate in the Datactive Research Group at the Media Studies department at the University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on the evolution of the notion of public interest in the Internet architecture.

His other research interest include global governance innovation, of which Internet governance is an example. Niels seeks to understand whether (some of the) multistakeholder models can be a platform for progressive social justice, or whether they are designed to legitimize a capitalistic hegemony of large transnational corporations.

Finally Niels tries to understand how invisible infrastructures provide a socio-technical ordering of our societies and how that might influence the distribution of wealth, power and possibilities.

Previously Niels has been Head of Digital for ARTICLE19 where he designed, fundraised, and set up the digital programme which covered the IETF, ICANN, IEEE and ITU. Before that Niels designed and implemented freedom of expression projects with Free Press Unlimited. He has a cum laude MA in Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam.

If you are looking for an academic style CV, you can find it here.